Meet the Designer: Morten Georgsen

What does Design mean to you and how would you describe your design approach in this context?

I grew up in a household with interior design magazines, Bang & Olufsen, and painters visiting. That was quite unique in the part of Denmark where I was brought up. I guess the importance of design was a natural addition in the upbringing. Working for B&O as a young man made my dependence on design and what it does to you as a person even stronger. I remember B&O had something they called the 7 CICs. All communication and designs should live up to that. Like a design bible - two important words come to my mind: Authenticity and Simplicity. We work from the philosophy of those two words in my studio.

What inspires you the most?

I know its easy to say but life and living is my great inspiration. I guess I am born with senses that are quite alert – so I see, hear, feel etc. something that most people do not notice. Experiencing life makes your creative brain work and out comes ideas!

Do trends influence you in your design process?

Getting my influence from life of course trends influences me. When that said I am not the type that fall for short fads and a bit of rumble. It needs to be substantial. I love digging into mega-trends. The trends that change our lives and how we live. Just look at how Covid 19 has altered our lives – video-meetings, working at home, more time with the family etc. Look at what electronics have done to the way we live. TVs, video, LPs, CDs, DVDs, Computers etc. We have changed furniture and our rooms in accordance with those inventions. I find that remarkably interesting.

How did the decision to design furniture come about?

After having worked at Bang & Olufsen a natural next step would be electronics or furniture – as B&O was at that time one of the only brands that considered the electronics to be an integrated part of interior design. I chose furniture as I found that my sense for proportions, colors, and styles materialized itself best in that world. Although I have designed speakers as well.

What makes a piece of furniture successful for you?

When people like what I make. I am proud of most of my designs and so are the designers that work for me. However, we also know that if our designs do not sell, we do not have a work tomorrow. Success to me is also when you see a nice home on a real estate photo and our design is a part of the interior.

You were born in Denmark. Today you live and work in Valencia. What is the difference between Spanish and Danish design?

I am still working from my roots in Denmark and the studio is influenced by that philosophy. The Nordic ideas about design and functions have been very influential in the world of design so the Spaniards working in my company adapt to the DNA quite rapidly.

How did the cooperation between you and andas Nordic Interior come about?

andas being a Nordic brand within Otto, I reckon that the logic reason for them to contact me was my experience and fame for doing great Danish design. We had a initial meeting and we found that our chemistry was working super together. I want partners in design. A long-term relation. That is the way to create great design and big successes.

If you had to describe your personal interior style in three words, what would they be?

Different, but significant.

Which interior piece from the newest collection is your favorite?

The »Stine« sofa. Its unique and at the same time it features something classic and “come enjoy me”. The proportions are perfect.

Which interior design tip can you pass on to our customers?

Follow your heart. Don’t be too trendy with expensive pieces. Don’t be a “bore” – but give room for the designs you want to emphasize so they do not drown amongst less important (to you) pieces. Never underestimate comfort and practical functions. Most important: Remember you must live and be in your home must more than visitors. The Home is yours and for you!!

We thank you very much and look forward to further great design classics
from andas Nordic Interior designed by Morten Georgsen!